Inflatable Repair Customer Writes:

"I saw your reply to patching yard inflatables and had a question on them for you...if you could share some knowledge. I have two 8ft Crristmas Santas I put out each year "both from Gemmy" and have had very little trouble with them. This year though I find they will not inflate past a small hump in the yard. I thought it might be the motor "they are after all 10 years old" yet even with my leaf blower stuck into them they will not blow up. I would like to find a answer to how I might repair something like this or is it just time to retire them and get new ones? Thanks for any help you could give me with this...."     


Bouncer Repair Answer:

If you know of a specific place where they are leaking, tear-aid patch will work to patch the hole.  If there isn't a specific place, then the issue may be internal and there won't be much you can do other than replace them with new models.