Inflatable Repair Customer Writes:

"I'm doing some research on repairing a bouncy castle we've aquired.  It seems to have a big tear in one of the castle peaks, however we have not a clue about bouncy items.  Is there any way you can give me even an idea as to what I'm looking at to get his repaired?  I dont' know if I'm looking at 20 dollars or 200 dollars.  Any help is appreciated!"


Bouncer Repair Answer:

A lot depends on your location, the nature of the damage, and the type of bounce house you have.  For residential or low-grade inflatables, your only options are patch or replace.


For commercial grade inflatables, if the tear appears to be patchable, Type B patch would work and that might only cost you $15 to $25 depending on the length of the tear.  If you need the castle sewed back together, if you bring the inflatable to our shop in Colorado, the repair would probably be between $150 and $300.  If you send pictures, I can give you a more accurate estimate.  If bringing the inflatable to Colorado is not feasible because you are far away, shipping typically runs $300 to $500 round trip.