Inflatable Repair Customer Writes:

We get a lot of messages from customers outside of Colorado for repairs.  We do perform a small fraction of these repairs.  For those of you too far to drive your damaged equipment to Denver, here is what we usually say.


Bouncer Repair Answer:

It generally all comes down to the weight and size of the item.  Commercial grade inflatables or other large and heavy items need to go on a pallet.  Shipping a pallet will cost between $300 and $500 round trip.  The repair cost will be added to that number.  For certain high dollar inflatables with relatively minor repairs, this might make sense.  For your average bounce house, it might make more sense to sink that shipping cost into a new inflatable.


For smaller or lighter items, shipping may be more feasible.  Before you contact us, you may want to contact your local shipping company to see if the shipping is within your budget for the repair.  Professional repairs are rarely less than $200, with most of them falling in the $300 to $500 range.  Less for simple repairs, more for complex repairs.


The deciding factor for outside repairs is often the shipping cost, so it's a good idea to get an estimate of that before contacting us.  If the shipping cost alone exceeds or is close to the maximum you were planning to pay for the repair, then replacement may be your best option.  We're happy to do repairs on equipment shipped in from out of state, but check your shipping cost first to see if it's feasible.