Inflatable Repair Customer Writes:

"There was no "mattress" repair in your knowledge base... so I write!  what type of patches can be used to repair air mattress?  How to find a leak in air mattress?  (brush soap solution? child bubble blower soap--seems to make better bubbles... I think)  I can't be sure whether it's a vinyl or other material... if I test for one or others, maybe I can damage the base material...? If you have a good solution for me, let me know how to order from you."


Bouncer Repair Answer:

Since you're not sure of the material, I would try Type A patch.  Type A sticks to most smooth surfaces.  The best way to find the leak is just with a little soapy water.  Almost any soapy residue will work (Windex, 409, etc).  Just make sure the repair area is completely clean and dry before applying the patch.  Moisture or dirt can prevent a good bond.  My experience with Type A patch is that it'll either bond to the material and you won't be able to get it off once it cures, or it just won't bond at all and will fall off almost immediately.  Either way, the original surface should not be harmed.  For Type A patch, I've had good luck with just about every surface except some irregular rubber surfaces.